Celestial dragon

Hey everyone come in grab and drink and have a seat. I want to share my latest project. I was browsing through amigurumi patterns and when I saw this one I HAD to have it. I had just finished the avatar blanket (see my last post) and wanted to use the blues from the water tile to make it.

I can’t follow directions apparently and ended up flipping his horns backwards but I’ve grown to like them and don’t want to flip them around. My daughter said they were more cuddly that way anyway.

I bought the eyes special just for him. They are really pretty. I had a hard time finding any on Amazon and she recommended a place in her pattern that I used and will use going forward. They have all sorts of sizes and colors and shapes even. I only bought the one pair and they came in really quick which was great because I had already started on it, haha.

He was fun to make. A little challenging in spots but not too hard and he came together really nice.

Oh I almost forgot! I added in a music box! It was super easy to do. I picked “You are my sunshine” there weren’t a lot of options but that song was always sweet to me. I sang it often to my littles though they don’t remember of course.

He has his home on my shelf and watches over my Stuffies and keeps them safe and provides me great wisdom!

I hope you love him and make one of your own. If you do leave me a comment with a picture of yours. I’m really loving Hooked by Kati’s designs and am almost done with her peacock but next week will be a craft post. Come back and see me!

Any Amazon links are affiliated and proceeds are going towards saving up for a ceiling to help with temperature control. If you’d like to help save up for that you can also do that through here. Sales from my Etsy shop are also helping reach that goal. I’m thinking of selling some stuffies through there for those who don’t crochet; if you’d be interested let me know what sort of critters you’d like to see (non copyrighted).

2 thoughts on “Celestial dragon

  1. oh he is TOOOOOOOO cute! and looks very cuddly! So many lovely stuffies you have there! You have a ton of talent!


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